Know What To Do - LEAP in Action

Leap - Location Emergency Action Plans

Why Code Pinke?

According to FEMA, 50% of small businesses do not pull through a major crisis. While there is much information out there on what to do for emergency preparedness, there is little guidance on how to do it or the details to make it work smoothly. For the past fifteen years, our focus has been on helping organizations develop actionable Location Emergency Action Plans (LEAPs) and Teams.

Hurricane Sandy - If this was your business, would you be better prepared?

Photo courtsey of CPA NY/NJ

Emergency Drills

These students in Grapevine, TX practice the protective position during a school tornado drill.

Photo: FEMA/Stephanie Moffett

Company Founder

Melissa Pinke, D.Sc.

"My goal is to get your staff prepared to identify a crisis before it becomes one and to know what to do so they can LEAP into action." Melissa Pinke, D.Sc.


Doctorate of Science Degree (D.Sc.) in Emergency Management

Graduate Certificate Community Preparedness & Disaster Management

Master's Degree in Health Education

Bachelors Degree in Health Administration​

ICS-400 FEMA, ICS-100 & 200 Trainer

ISTW Emergency Preparedness Basic Surveyor Training

Jurisdictional Threat & Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, TEEX​​

40 Hour HAZMAT​​

National Safety Council CPR/AED/Advance First Aid Instructor​-Trainer

OSHA/MSHA Safety Instructor​

Hospital Emergency Response Team for CBRNE Trainer-FEMA

Community Emergency Response Team-CERT Instructor

Advanced Public Information Officer, FEMA

Radiological Emergency Planning Operations, FEMA

Fire Safety Director, NYC


Subject Matter Expert Instructor at the Center for Domestic Preparedness

20 years improving safety and health OSHA, MSHA, DOT, FMCSA, RCRA

HAZMAT and Chemical spill clean up

NYS Fire Code Enforcement

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis-HVA

Medical Assistant, EMT & First Aid Response​

​​ICS-Incident Command System, program development and staff training

Public Information and Crisis Communication

Radiological Emergency Preparedness​

Practical exercises with evaluation​

State Agency EOC coordination & staffing Hurricanes Irene, Lee & Sandy ​

Disaster ​Assistance Centers Coordination

Workers Compensation Case Management & Light Duty Programs