OSHA requires a written plan for businesses with more than 10 employees.Employees must be designated to assist with orderly evacuation procedures and accountability measures. All employees must be trained on how to report incidents and how to take protective measures.

In order for employees to recognize a potential serious event and for them to act promptly, taking the right steps, their training must instill confidence.

Not only does staff have to respond, some events may cause business interruptions. Your building may be temporary closed due to damages or power outages, flooding can block streets​​​​. How will you continue to supply your customers with your goods and services? By following your continuity of operations plan.

"Employees that have training will be more likely to have confidence to respond in emergencies."

Melissa Pinke

A Unified Incident Command is needed to quickly and efficiently manage:

Fires & Evacuations

Bomb threats

Active Shooter

Lock downs & Lock Outs

Earthquakes - Remain in place

Tornadoes - Safe areas

Radiation & Bioterrorism

Photo courtesy of Deschutes County, OR

Power outages



Suspicious packages


Multiple Agency Response

Mass Casualties


Occupational Safety and Health Administration -OSHA

OSHA citations, fines, higher workers compensation premiums, productivity and incident reports can all be reduced with a strong safety and health program

OSHA's 2015 Top 10 Citations:

Fall Protection -1926.501 (C)

Hazard Communication - 1910.1200

Scaffolding - 1926.451 (C)

Respiratory Protection - 1910.134

Lock out - Tag out - 1910.147

Powered Industrial Trucks - 1910.178

Ladders - 1926.1053 (C)

Electrical wiring methods - 1910.305

Machine guarding - 1910.212

Electrical general requirements - 1910.303

From OSHA as of 1/5/16
C = Construction standards

Mine Safety & Health Administration - MSHA

Quarries and mining operations need to follow safety and health regulations too. With over 10 years surface mining experience, Code Pinke can help develop programs to keep your quarry operations safe and productive and meet new employee and annual training requirements.

Top 10 Mine Safety Violations Non Metal Surface Mines in 2015

Electrical conductors - 56.12004

Moving machine parts - 56.14107

Horns and back up alarms - 56.14132

Housekeeping - 56.20003

Safety defects, identification & correction - 56.14100

Safe Access - 56.11001

Preparation and submission of MSHA Form 7000-2—Quarterly Employment and Coal Production Report - 50.30

Inspection & cover plates - 56.12032

Instruction & maintenance of guards - 56.14112

Testing grounding systems - 56.12028