CPR/AED & First Aid training for staff & coaches ​CHAPTER 64F-6 of the School Health Services Program requires all employees that staff school health rooms be certified in CPR & FA by a nationally recognized certifying agency. At least 2 additional staff must be certified. A list of those certified & emergency equipment must be posted in multiple locations.

AED Plan - Each public school that is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association must have an operational automated external defibrillator on the school grounds​​​ ​; must ensure that all employeesor volunteers who are reasonably expected to use the device obtain training, including completion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation or a basic first aid.

School Emergency Plans & drill evaluations. Have you practiced how you will relocate students and reunite them with parents?

OSHA compliance & training for staff-HAZCOM-right to know, lock out/tag out, confined space, recordkeeping, ladder safety and more.

Health protection - How do you protect your nurses from H1N1, SARS or the next biological outbreak? A respiratory protection program using disposable respirators can offer nurses protection.

Full Regulations

Laws & Rules regarding Florida school health programs:CPR/AED Requirements for coaches in Florida

"Employees that have training will be more likely to have confidence to respond in emergencies."

Melissa Pinke

Are you prepared? Lets do some drills & exercises to test your plans!​​

Incident Command in Schools

Fire & Evacuation

Bomb threats

Active Shooter-Lock downs & Lock Outs

Earthquakes-Remain in Place

Tornados-Safe Areas

Radiation & Bioterrorism​​​​​


Mass Casualties

Student Relocation​



Mass Gatherings​

Continuity of Education​