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"It's not enough to have a written plan. It is about planning and understanding what are the right actions to take to keep people out of harms way and return to business quickly."

Melissa Pinke

Location Emergency Action Plans​ LEAPs

If an earthquake, active shooter or suspicious package disrupted your business today, would your employees know what to do? How this is handled will make the difference in protecting your most valuable assets-your people, your reputation and your ability to stay in business.​​

A good plan can't just be handed to you. Your key leadership must have input on what to do and why. Planning is essential for a good plan. When you document your planning, you develop a good plan. You need to know your hazards and vulnerabilities to make good decisions.

Your Location Emergency Action Plan (LEAP) must be written in a simple and actionable format so it is useful during a crisis. Work out the details as part of your planning process. Capture key steps and information you will need quickly.

For your staff to be ready, not only do they need a solid plan to follow, they need training as well. They need to know what the right responses are and when to implement them. They need to practice as a team and feel comfortable with the actions to be performed. All professional teams practice together so when it counts, they can work together. Without practice, they are likely to lack the skills and confidence to execute your plan.

Remember, not every detail will nor should be in your plan. Senior leadership must trust their staff's abilities and knowledge gained in training to make decisions within the framework of the plan.

An experienced planner can help guide your team through this process. Let Code Pinke help you.